McCarthy Has Enough Evidence to Begin Biden Impeachment

It took four CNN journalists to write up the report saying House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is signaling to conservatives that their long awaited impeachment of Joe Biden is about to begin. CNN wanted to make sure they used just the write words to convey a sense of assurance to liberals who desperately want to believe that Joe Biden doesn’t deserve to be in prison. Manu Raju, Marshall Cohen, Zachary Cohen and Annie Grayer all contributed to their report. It reads like it was written by committee.

McCarthy suggests impeachment

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has Democrats stunned speechless when he talks about launching impeachment against Joe Biden. They’re afraid to say anything at all because it will likely be used against them later.

Instead, they sulk and pat themselves on the back for filing more criminal charges against Donald Trump. That, they believe, will keep him from being president again. Conservatives say that only makes getting him back inside the Oval Office even easier.

McCarthy stunned Democrats, who think he’s really one of them in disguise, by announcing that Republicans are ready to start a formal “impeachment investigation.” They have no choice but move forward after what’s been revealed recently.

Between the testimony of IRS investigators who weren’t allowed to investigate any Biden family crimes, to the FBI FD-1023 form which spells out in graphic detail how to buy a Vice President. At this point, there’s no other choice.

We’ve only followed where the information has taken us,” McCarthy insists. “This is rising to the level of impeachment inquiry, which provides Congress the strongest power to get the rest of the knowledge and information needed.

You can expect another flurry of subpoenas to fall over Washington like one of those blizzards Trump passed out to everyone at the Dairy Queen recently.

Series of investigations

The federal case against Hunter Biden is only one important investigation but a whole bunch more seem to be spinning off from the way it was handled. Corruption is on full display at the highest levels of the Federal Bureau of Instigation and Just Us Department.

Along with the impeachment of Joe Biden, similar proceedings are in the works to kick Merrick Garland to the curb. Christopher Wray needs that smirk wiped off his face and Alejandro Mayorkas already destroyed our national security. Those are all different stories.

Hunter Biden only got the sweetheart deal of the century because the fix was in from the beginning. Weiss had all the authority he needed to do absolutely nothing and that’s exactly what he did. They can’t get him on perjury for that. Merrick Garland wasn’t lying when he told Congress that he wasn’t stopping Weiss because there was nothing Weiss planned to do which needed stopped. How can it when it never started?

Impeachment for them all is only the beginning. They need to prosecuted criminally. Once we get an Attorney General who’s actually interested in prosecuting criminals. The one we have now prefers to join them than beat them.

In response to all this talk of impeachment, the Biden regime continues to deny everything. They can’t believe republicans are actually daring to hound Joe Biden over baseless claims of bribery and corruption instead of “focusing on the real issues Americans want us to address like continuing to lower inflation or create jobs.

So what if the Big Guy extorted $10 million from some Ukrainian billionaire, the real criminal is Donald Trump who dared to obstruct their attempts to frame him.

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