Large Group of Deep State Washed Up RINO’s Threaten New Party, and We Couldn’t Be Happier to See Them Go

A large group of formerly noteworthy Republicans is threatening to leave the Republican Party if their demands are not met. Boasting such inspiring and important figures as Charlie Dent, Mary Peters, and Reid Ribble, along with a host of others you have never heard of, the rebels are demanding that the GOP adopt positions which are more in line with the Democrats and their agenda. If not accepted the RINOs threaten to break away and form their own party.

Real conservatism is “radical”

In a joint statement which is set to be released on May 13, the signatories are reportedly demanding that the GOP embrace a more “moderate” stance.

The “moderate” stance they demand appears to consist of the entire Republican Party becoming a party of Democrats who are too slow-witted to pick up the latest radical leftist doctrines without a delay of several years.

If this is what they want, then they should be perfectly content with the GOP of today, which has consistently surrendered and picked up Democrat policies for decades now in the name of moderation.

The signatories demand that “radical” views be purged from the party. What are those views exactly? Ten years ago Republicans overwhelmingly opposed gay marriage, mass immigration, and the concept of gender swapping. Now opposing these things is radical even in the Republican Party.

These wishy-washy RINOs and “moderates” are almost guaranteed to get their way in a few years if recent history is a reliable guide. Still, the progress for them is not fast enough.

This faction threatens to break away if the GOP does not immediately move to eliminate the last socially conservative elements that remain in the party.

A party without a base

Among the most prominent of the group is Evan McMullin, known for his quixotic 2016 presidential run and constant attacks on President Trump. McMullin has repeatedly struggled to find a demographic ready to support him in the past.

Now McMullin and the other signatories claim that they are ready to form an entirely new political party. Fortunately for Republican leadership, the chances of this new faction gaining any ground at all is extremely slim.

Who, after all, would vote for this new party? The breakaway faction has no really important or influential leaders to call on. Good luck winning headlines with former Transportation Secretaries and forgotten one-time members of Congress.

There is an extremely small demographic of Republicans who really want a party which is a softer and slower clone of the Democrats than the mainstream GOP already is. Anyone who wants something like this should and will cut out the middle man and become a real Democrat.

The rebel faction will have great success certainly in winning over swamp dwelling creatures in D.C. who continue to imagine that this is something that interests anyone in America other than themselves. Beyond this they have no base of support.

The signatories making these threats will undoubtedly have a great deal of money, media attention, and D.C. clout to call on as they make their announcement. What they will not have is anything remotely like interest from anyone else in the country.

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