Another Red State Just Flipped Planned Parenthood and Dems the Bird

The scarlet red state of Idaho just flipped liberals the infamous bird, telling the baby killers at Un-Planned Parenthood they aren’t welcome around there. Their bill would “outlaw nearly all abortions in the state by banning them once fetal cardiac activity can be detected by ultrasound.”

Parenthood involves children

In Idaho they don’t like it that a company can call itself “Planned Parenthood” when what they really do is murder defenseless embryos. That’s their number one reason for existence, though they weakly claim otherwise by passing out free rubbers once in a while.

They don’t want to prevent unwanted pregnancy, they want to slice and dice the unwanted baby so they can sell the parts to the highest bidder.

The baby killers have no interest in promoting “parenthood.” That would involve educating young people in things which would lead to a healthy family.

Instead they want the tissue. Once it makes it through their legislature, Idaho would become the 12th state to pass a “fetal heartbeat” ban this year. Of course, all those other laws are being strangled by liberal red tape in the courts.

Conservatives in Idaho aren’t the least bit concerned with what the Planned Parenthood lawyers will have to say.

As explained by Blaine Conzatti, who serves as executive director of pro-life Family Policy Alliance of Idaho, their measure was carefully “crafted to be defensible if needed.” They went down that road before and got ambushed. They were ready this time.

A unique and distinct person

One of the pitfalls was avoided, Conzatti relates, by well chosen language. “We are not saying that life begins with the heartbeat.” That gets them in trouble with Planned Parenthood attorneys.

“We’re simply saying that the heartbeat is a universally recognized indicator of life.” With that they can establish the embryo as a “unique and distinct person” who “should be legally protected.”

Because “embryonic cardiac activity can be detected using vaginal ultrasounds as early as 6 weeks,” life can be detected before the mother realizes she’s pregnant.

That means Planned Parenthood would need to kill the baby before anyone knew it was there in order to do it legally. In other words, hit the highway and don’t come back.

Planned Parenthood doctors would be treated like the criminals they are. “Providing an abortion to a woman whose embryo has a detectable heartbeat” would be “punishable by up to five years in prison.”

The bill already made it through the House and will head to the Senate. There are still a few rough edges to file off but a final version is expected to pass in the long run.

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