Georgia Republican lawsuit Senate runoff election

Court Deals Deadly Blow to Republican Efforts to Save Election Integrity

A Georgia judge just dismissed a Republican lawsuit seeking to force the closure of absentee ballot drop boxes outside of normal business hours. Republicans believe that voter fraud took place during the general election and they demand a fair race for the upcoming Senate runoffs on January 5.

Republican lawsuit dismissed in Georgia

On Christmas Eve, Fulton County Georgia’s Superior Court Judge Kimberly Esmond Adams dismissed a Republican lawsuit in which plaintiffs sought to force the closure of absentee ballot drop-boxes outside of normal business hours. Democrats believe that closing ballot drop-boxes outside of normal business hours could result in fewer opportunities for voters to make their voices heard.

Democrats tend to rely on mail-in/ absentee voting more than Republicans. So, not only are Democrats incapable of voting in person, or mailing in their ballot, they’re also unable to drop their ballots into a drop box during normal working hours. They must be busy working all those overtime hours. What a joke!

Republicans want the ballots monitored by camera and they want the entire chain of custody for all ballots to be recorded. “We must restore confidence in the integrity of our election,” Georgia Republican Party Chairman David Shafer said. “It’s time for election officials to do their job and obey the law.”

Georgia Republican lawsuit voter fraud election

Georgia Senate runoff election January 5

Judge Adams ruled that she “doesn’t have jurisdiction to hear the case because of sovereign immunity protections that prevent governments from lawsuits.” Under current rules, drop-boxes for mail-in ballots are open for voters 24 hours a day. The lawsuit trying to limit the accessibility of drop-boxes had official Republican Party backing, with the Republican National Committee and Georgia Republican Party as plaintiffs.

The Georgia Senate runoff election will take place on January 5 and nearly 2.1 million have voted early. Republicans must win at least one of the two seats to maintain control of the Senate. If the Democrats happen to win both elections, they could end up in control of the House, Senate and White House. This would be the end of America as we know it.

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