California Found a New Way to Waste Tax Dollars, and It’s Worse Than Welfare

So, what happened to welfare in Compton? Were there strings attached? Or maybe more accurately, is it so broke you can’t use it? What about asking Nancy Pelosi to talk to Trump about that stimulus since this also has COVID on it? That might be another situation entirely, since this is not the first program that might be something else the Democrats can dip into. Democrats can’t dip into that stimulus payment.

Democrats need to leave welfare alone

It will work the way it’s intended, provided elected officials do what they’re supposed to. But they don’t. It’s too tempting. This is why people are excited about a candidate that believes in something bigger than themselves.

It sounds noble but this isn’t the first time it’s been done. This one is billed as helping with racial injustice. Mayor Aja Brown announced this is to “challenge the racial and economic injustice plaguing both welfare programs and economic systems,”

The SEEDS program (Stockton Economic Empowerment Demonstration) was done in 2019 by Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs. Tubbs also spearheaded the Mayors for Guaranteed Income in June of this year with a group of 25 other mayors. The consensus of this group is to push for more of these guaranteed income programs.

There’s more going on with this welfare

It smells like another way to funnel money to the government. The money goes to the Fund for Gauranteed Income which is a charity. We’re told the “the vast majority channeled directly to the cash transfer recipients,” as the fact sheet stated.

The Compton Pledge also behaves as a bank but this one maybe government owned. It provides zero cost banking with “existing financial, legal, and counseling services.”

BLM might also be collecting this welfare

Patrisse Cullors is a founding member of Black Lives Matter that had praise for this type of program. “Guaranteed income is an urgent and necessary strategy for addressing the economic realities of racial injustice. I’m thrilled Mayor Brown and Compton are leading the way in this growing national movement,” she mentioned.

California, among other Democrat led states, needs to open up. Their unemployment has reached 21.9%. That’s getting up to a quarter of their residents.

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