Deep State Despair: ‘Bawling’ In FBI Halls

Hillary Clinton fan club members in the Federal Bureau of Instigation were “bawling” in the hallways the day President Donald Trump gave James Comey the ax. Recently declassified documents reveal in startling detail just how big of a meltdown the deep state had on the day Comey was canned.

Agents ‘bawling’ in the hallways

According to excerpts of FBI “302” interview summary reports obtained by Buzzfeed, former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe was “shocked” by Comey’s firing and instantly went into “crisis management mode.” He described for his interrogators seeing people “in the hallways of the FBI ‘bawling'” and described Comey’s removal as “very emotional” for bureau employees.

More details from that day were filled in by James Rybicki, Comey’s chief of staff. President Trump was furious that James Comey had been allowed to fly home from Los Angeles on a government plane after he was fired. President Trump told McCabe, “that Comey should not have been permitted to travel back to Washington, D.C. on the FBI’s airplane.”

The plotters of the coup to overthrow the President already had an answer to that one on tap. “Before permitting Comey to return on the FBI airplane, Rybicki and others consulted with the FBI’s Office of General Counsel and determined Comey’s use of the airplane was de minimus given the need for the pilots, Director’s detail, and the airplane itself to return to Washington.” They basically sneaked him on board, never expecting Trump to find out about it.

A special purpose for Comey’s ‘secure’ laptop

When it came time to break the news to President Trump that there was a “dossier” full of Russian dirt dug up by Christopher Steele that the deep state was using as a weapon against him, they knew the President would go totally ballistic. They drew straws to see who would get stuck being the messenger. “principal leaders of the intelligence community had discussed who would deliver the information that would be presented.” Comey drew the short straw.

A “dossier” full of Russian dirt dug up by Christopher Steele.

James Rybicki and Comey put their heads together and cooked up a scheme. “The FBI team agreed that Comey should memorialize his exchange with Trump because of the sensitive subject matter, the fact it would be their first meeting together, and because Comey anticipated he and Trump would be alone.” They didn’t think that they could get away with wiring Comey for sound, so instead they planned to write a memo from Comey’s memory, right after the meeting so it was fresh in his mind.

According to the 302 report, “Comey had a ‘classified laptop’ in his vehicle so that immediately after the meeting at Trump Tower ended, he could write a memo about it.” Another sneaky trick the pair came up with was for Rybicki to have a copy of Comey’s memos for safekeeping. Rybicki said he had printed copies of his written accounts “which Comey signed or initialed in blue ink.”

Comey lied about loyalty

The interview with White House press secretary Sean Spicer was heavily redacted but even so has some interesting insight. One of Comey’s big defenses was his assertion that President Trump demanded some kind of arcane “loyalty” pledge. Spicer says that’s a lie.

There were only four lines that weren’t blacked out with magic marker. “Trump said he never asked Comey for loyalty,” Spicer insists. He made sure to point out to the agent that even if he did it wouldn’t matter. “Even if he had asked for it, Who cares?”

Lying to the President

After Comey was fired and McCabe was serving as the acting director, they kicked around how best to open an obstruction of justice claim against the President. They weren’t sure if maybe they had just broken the law a little by lying to the President. When he asked them point blank if he was under investigation, they told him “no.” That was not exactly correct. McCabe said “one of the questions that popped up during discussions he had with other FBI officials about obstruction was the fact that by investigating the Trump campaign, we were, by definition, ‘sort of’ investigating Trump. As such, we wondered whether it would be accurate to tell Trump he was not under investigation.”

  1. They all belong in prison for treason but sure they are all working on they diff know what they were doing. If they don’t go to prison then I will never have any faith in what doj or fbi does

  2. Now the Dossier will be investigated in full at some time in History and people may be surprised at what it will prove and how much is actual facts not opinions. There are many hungry reporters out there that want to make a name for them selves. Now when one ite4m has already been proven corre4ct through flight records and hotel videos, Trump said he was in California when the dossier said he was at the Ritz Hotel in Russia, and flight records and Ritz Hotel video proved Trump was in Russia with several women at the time the dossier said he was there with prostitutes.

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