US Naval Forces Secure: Safe Quarantine After Situation Was ‘Quickly Deteriorating’

About 1,000 of the USS Theodore Roosevelt’s sailors are already secure, and more of their shipmates are joining them soon. They’re onshore in Guam for two weeks of Covid-19 quarantine. Somebody broke national security to leak a letter to the press. Of course, liberal media rushed to make the military look bad, by exaggerating the aircraft carrier’s dire consequences. All the networks focused like a laser on the phrase reporting the on-board situation as “quickly deteriorating.”

Safe and secure in Guam

The truth is, the situation report aircraft carrier Captain Brett Crozier wrote to the Pentagon was done according to proper and expected procedure. Senior military officers not only expected the report ahead of time, they totally agree with the Captain’s assessment and moved immediately to help him implement his requests. A fourth of the crew is already safe and secure.

A top Navy official assured reporters that they were aware of the situation long before the press found out. “We have been working,” acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly insists, for “the last seven days to move those sailors off the ship and get them into accommodations in Guam.” The only problem is that there weren’t any available.

“The problem is that Guam doesn’t have enough beds right now and were having to talk to the government there to see if we can get some hotel space, create tent-type facilities.” One way or another, anyone who can be evacuated, will be.

Out of the 1,000 sailors tested from the Theodore Roosevelt, 100 came back positive. The ships crew is around 4,000 total. All the ones who aren’t essential to crucial ship operations will hit the beach. In coming days, the plan is to evacuate a total of 3,000 sailors.

One thing is definitely not secure though. Captain Crozier has a traitor or two aboard his ship who provided useful information to an enemy by leaking secure readiness information to the press. “The unusual plea from Capt. Brett Crozier, a Santa Rosa native, came in a letter obtained exclusively by The Chronicle and confirmed by a senior officer,” the San Francisco Chronicle wrote. The left leaning publication made sure to zero in on the parts that make the administration look bad.

Not the same as a cruise ship

“We don’t disagree with the (captain) on that ship,” Secretary Modly asserts. They’re evacuating by the book. “We’re doing it in a very methodical way because it’s not the same as a cruise ship, that ship has armaments on it.”

It’s an aircraft carrier, so that means, “it has aircraft on it.” Along with lots of jet fuel. “We have to be able to fight fires if there are fires on board the ship.” Also, it doesn’t run on Duracell batteries. “We have to run a nuclear power plant, so there’s a lot of things that we have to do on that ship that make it a little bit different.” You have to take precautions to secure the reactor and other critical systems.

So far, none of the infected sailors has shown serious symptoms. According to Admiral John Aquilino, “I have no sailors hospitalized, I have no sailors on ventilators, I have no sailors in critical condition, no sailors in an ICU status on the Theodore Roosevelt.”

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