Veronika Rajek

World Famous Model Suffers Massive Wardrobe Malfunction In Thong Bikini

Well, now…

If you are on Instagram, you are probably familiar with model Veronika Rajek.

She has been running a campaign to woo in Tom Brady.

Only, in of her most recent photos, she had a bit of a malfunction.

The Nip Slip

It turns out, Veronika did not realize that her nipple had popped out of her top, and for some reason, the photographer decided not to tell her when the camera was snapped.

She did like the picture, though, so she kept it and covered it up with an emoji…

This is far from the first time this young lady realized she showed a bit too much.

Here is another one on the bottom half where something appears to have slipped out of its holster why she was making some football moves, surely to impress Tom..

Brady is rumored to be back on the prowl now that his supermodel wife has divorced him and looking better than ever.

Veronika is there for the taking… we have just have to see if Brady is up for the challenge!

Source: TotalSportsPro

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