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Top Democrat Calls It Quits… He’s NOT Running for Office

One of the senior senators in office for Democrats is about to hang it up.

Senator Tom Carper (D-DE), after serving for more than two decades, has decided not to run for office again.

He has already gotten by behind Rep. Lisa Blunt Rochester (D-CT) to run for the seat.

Time to Make Way

Carper apparently did actually get the memo that the time has come for some of these old-timers to get out of the way for the next generation.

In his resignation announcement, he stated, “While nothing is forever, the Delaware Democratic Party is blessed today with a bench as strong as any I’ve ever seen in the 50 years that I’ve called Delaware home.

“If there was ever an opportune time to step aside and pass the torch to the next generation, it’s coming, and it will be here on Jan. 3, 2025.

“But until then, God willing, I’ll continue working 60-hour weeks and coming home on the train most nights as long as Martha keeps leaving the light on for me.”

Blunt Rochester has not decided if she will run for the Senate.

If she does not, Governor Carney may be interested in running, as he is out of terms for governor.

Source: Fox News

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