Kamala Harris Issues DENIAL…

Joe Biden gave his SOTU address with Kamala Harris sitting behind him.

While those two were hogging up center stage, their spouses were making out in the gallery.

Kamala Harris was asked if she saw the viral video and, of course, she denied it.


I can say with certainty that there is simply no way that Harris did not see the video, or at least a picture of the smooch…

Social media blew up with the “kiss on the lips” that shook the country with a wave of “EWWWWW.”

Univision’s Edwin Pitti asked Harris about the kiss, and she responded, “No, I haven’t watched the video.

“But I do know that the first lady and the second gentleman are working arduously with what we are doing with my husband against anti-Semitism.”

Well, that is a great deflection, but what the hell does Emhoff’s work on anti-Semitism have to do with him getting a wet one from Jill?

Source: New York Post

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