Karine Jean-Pierre Career-Ending MISTAKE

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has not had a very good couple of weeks.

Last week she was called out for spinning the classified documents debacle.

Now she is taking heat over the spin from this administration on the Chinese spy balloon.


Things got a bit hairy for KJP as more information dripped out regarding the documents.

One reporter flat-out accused KJP of being dishonest.

In turn, KJP put the onus of the information that was coming out on the subject on the White House counsel.

This, of course, raised the question if the counsel was knowingly instructing her to lie to the American people.

When she was hammered on the Chinese spy balloon, she kept repeating the same phrases: “Chinese surveillance balloons have been around for some time” and “we even briefed Congress this past August.”

She continued to get hit, finally responding, “We’re not going to get into specifics of private diplomatic conversations we have with China.

“We’re just not going to do that from here.”

So, as usual, she offers up either a lie or no information at all.

She is doing one heck of a job…

Source: Fox News

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