Hundreds of Birds Mysteriously Die in This Town, No Answers Yet as to What Happened

Hundreds of birds have been dying mysteriously in Charlottestown, the capital of Prince Edward Island, Canada and so far no one knows why. Veterinarians and pathologists are examining the hundreds of sick or dead crows found in Charlottestown’s Victoria Park for something which might be causing the large numbers of deaths. For now there is no clear cause and scientists are still scratching their heads and suggesting theories.

Birds dying mysteriously

Charlottestown residents are used to finding a few dozen dead crows during the fall and winter periods in which a flock of about 25,000 crows roost in the park every year.

Since the beginning of the new year, however, locals have been finding dozens of dead and dying birds littering the ground at the same time.

With such a high population density in Victoria Park, some deaths are normal. The fact that so many are dying off at once implies that this is not simply nature taking its course amongst a large flock.

Charlottestown residents have complained for years about the flock’s annual visit. The squawking and flapping of wings is deafening and the sky at times turns black, while sidewalks and cars turn white from droppings.

It is possible that someone might be poisoning the crows , but the fact that no other animals in the area seem to be suffering from the same ailment makes this a questionable theory.

The city has developed a “love-hate relationship” with the birds after repeatedly failing to drive them away from the park. Two years ago some locals had grown fond enough of the crows to demand that they be left alone after someone was found to be shooting them with a pellet gun.

Potential viral outbreak in park

Researchers investigating the cause of the deaths say that they have plenty of samples to examine now and that the public should stay away from the dead birds, rather than bringing any more in to the local veterinary hospital.

A number of sick but living birds have also been found. It is said to be a heartbreaking sight as these crows are too weak and lethargic to fly or hop any significant distances.

Avian flu has been ruled out but the crows have shown signs of intestinal problems. The avian reovirus is being examined as a possible cause.

If there is a viral outbreak then researchers say it must be spreading rapidly through the flock, as crows in the densely populated park huddle together for warmth at night during the winter.

While occasional disease outbreaks are natural in the wild, the fact that these crows are dying in the middle of a city makes it hard to ignore the problem.

Scientists  have to ensure that the crows are not carrying something that could spread to humans or other animals, and for locals the sight of dead and dying birds lying around Victoria Park is anything but pleasant.

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