These Leftist Media Outlets Should Start Counting Their Final Days…

As their ratings and American viewers continue to decline, it appears that leftist news outlets are slowly making their way out.

In this case, the result wouldn’t be all that negative, given that these networks are notorious for spewing out fake news and the level of deceit has been staggering.

And as a result, their continued effort to forcibly push the leftist agenda to their viewing audience has slowly opened the eyes of the majority of Americans. This was likely not the outcome they were hoping for.

Reports have been coming in indicating that some of the most prominent leftist networks like MSNBC and CNN are dying from the inside out.

And while this may not come as a surprise to you, given the constant following of these woke outlets for some time, it’s certainly ironic, isn’t it?

Rachel Maddow, likely one of MSNBC’s flagship anchors, is limiting her role at MSNBC, which is coming at the worst of a time since the network is already failing and continuing to experience dwindling ratings.

Here’s what folks online are saying:

More from Fox News:

During the first quarter of 2022, MSNBC hemorrhaged an alarming portion of its audience compared to the first quarter of last year, despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine creating a historic news cycle. MSNBC averaged 712,000 viewers, shedding 48% of its audience compared to last year.

MSNBC also lost 60% of its audience among the key news demographic of adults age 25-54, averaging only 87,000 compared to 217,000 last year.

Variety noted:

Starting in May, Maddow will scale back her duties at MSNBC, moving from what had been a five-days-per-week role to hosting only on Mondays.

She is changing her schedule after signing a new pact with NBCUniversal that gives her aegis over a broader range of projects, including podcasts and films.

Sources: WLT, MSNBC, Variety, Fox News


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