MS-13 Gang Member MURDERED HIM… This is HORRIFIC

A murder case from 2018 is finally coming to trial.

We are reporting it because of the defendant, an MS-13 gang member, and the horrific nature of the crime.

This dirtball allegedly tortured and murdered a 10-year-old little boy, and now he is going to pay.

Horrific Crime

Kareem Ernesto Leiva, 37, and his girlfriend, Heather Maxine Barron, 33, liked to beat on little children.

The boy, Anthony Avalos, was Barron’s 10-year-old son.

Leiva reportedly had a thing for abusing his children, but when the child was not his, well, he really liked to do some horrific things.

In this case, the little boy was force-fed, forced to kneel in rice, starved, and beaten.

Barron called 9-1-1 after what appeared to have been days of abuse of the child when his body finally gave out and he was not responsive.

Considering the couple’s history, it was rather amazing she even bothered to call for help.

When authorities arrived, they find the lifeless body of the child, who doctors would later describe as “severely malnourished and dehydrated.”

Prosecutors stated, “The final death blows came that evening when Leiva slammed Anthony on his head multiple times.

“Barron did not call the police until the next morning.

“Leiva purposefully fled the residence with his children before authorities arrived.”

These are the types of people that Secretary Mayorkas would like to continue to let into the country.

Source: Fox News

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