Why They Kicked This Little Girl Out Of School Will Make You…

Administrators at a Christian school in Louisiana has kicked a 5-year-old girl out because apparently her lesbian parents did not fit the school’s values.

The girl, Zoey Parker, was expelled just two days before kindergarten was expected to begin at Baptist Bible Academy. 

The married couple, Emily and Jennie Parker, were called to a meeting by the school’s principal and pastor.

Jennie stated, “We were informed that Zoey would no longer be allowed to attend school due to our lifestyle choices.”

Zoey, who is Emily’s niece, was adopted by the couple after her father passed away in 2020. 

Apparently the girl had previously attended the pre-K school without any issues, however once she had been adopted by the same-sex couple, the school said they were no longer interested.

The couple shared the incident on Facebook and have received overwhelming support from the community, with numerous Christian schools in the nearby area reaching out to state that Zoey would be welcome in their pre-K program.

Fast forward to present day, and now Zoey attends Hamilton Christian School. 

“There are decent Christians in the world. They are the reason we keep our religion,” Jennie said.  “The entire DeQuincy community has shown us what it takes to be a decent Christian and not preach hate like this.”

“The pastor met us in the meeting room and started talking about gender identification and that they teach the words of the Lord and marriage was between a man and a woman. They didn’t think this was a good fit,” Emily revealed.

Emily wrote an additional Facebook post thanking everyone for the support:

“I do want to thank my friends, family, and all the countless enraged strangers,” Emily wrote on Facebook. “They did not stand behind us, they stood in front of us. They fought with and for our little girl. They are the real MVP. Our community did not let this injustice slide by. I am humbled.”


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