Teacher Raped Young Girl So Badly She Needed Surgical Repair

If people can lie about anything else they can lie about their credentials as well. Even in a supposedly peaceful religion, Islam, you can have a teacher with a hidden agenda. He had been there for years. There are people and cultures that utilize control and rape is a method of that. If he’s found he won’t be around kids ever again. There’s a caste system in prison. Child molesters are on the lowest rung.

Islamic teacher brutally raped

At least one young lady so badly her genitals needed to be surgically repaired. Nur-Ul-Islam Academy is an Islamic masjid, or a place of prayer or prostration. Tariq Ahmad was the head teacher of this school with about 335 children.

The 35 year old had previously worked in the Broward County School District so he’s been around potential victims for some time. Many organizations are desperate for employees, this might apply here too. Ahmad knows he’s in trouble so he’s on the run.

The teacher would arrange meetings

Attorneys for the girls said the girls were 14 and 15 and he’d force them into sexual relationships. He’d talk to them with text, social media and even in code on the chalkboard to arrange meetings.

The abuse with one girl happened on school grounds and on school hours. He’s apparently been in educational roles for a long time with officials looking the other way.

The teacher has been terminated

The school finally had to distance itself. “Recently, we have become aware of disturbing allegations regarding a former teacher of Nur-Ul-Islam Academy. Upon learning of these allegations, the Academy immediately suspended the teacher’s employment, barred him from any further contact with Academy students, and has since terminated his employment with the Academy.”

Attorney Scott Mager spoke on the girls’ behalf. “There was significant sexual abuse, intercourse, and other inappropriate behavior such that one of the students had to have substantial surgical repair of that (private) area. It’s horrific.” He wasn’t happy with the Academy’s conduct, “What do they do? Absolutely nothing, except accuse the kid of doing it. What do they do, they blame, they cover up, they don’t tell the parents.” That Ahmad fled and left mutilation after an attack maybe all the proof needed to have the prison system take care of him.

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