Democrats Block Hunter Biden Probe

You can’t possibly believe we would actually let you investigate Hunter Biden,” Democrats on the House Oversight Committee laughed on Tuesday. Conservatives were trying to get their hands on documents implicating half the family in Hunter’s international affairs. At least the GOP is on the record trying.

Biden family influence peddling

Republicans managed to force the issue to a vote, though they never stood a chance of the measure passing. They wanted a “resolution of inquiry,” which would force the administration to “hand over a wide swath of documents related to the Biden family’s business deals overseas.

As expected, Democrats slapped it down, hard. After two hours of heated debate, 23 Democrats still outnumbered 19 Republicans.

That has the panel’s top Republican, James Comer, accusing the Biden family of peddling “access to the highest levels of government to enrich themselves.” Places like China and Russia as well as Ukraine. Comer insists the documents are crucial to national security but when you’re outnumbered there isn’t much you can do.

If the Democrats vote against this resolution, then they are continuing in their coordinated effort to shield a potentially compromised [alleged] President from necessary congressional oversight.

We must shed light on the Biden family’s international business schemes to determine if there is a national security threat.” From what we already know, it sure looks like it. As long as liberals remain in power they control the committees. The gridlock won’t be breaking before November.

The top Democrat shrugged it all aside responding that “the GOP’s priorities are ‘misplaced‘ and accused Republicans of just trying to ‘smear‘ Biden and boost Donald Trump by targeting Biden’s family members.” Carolyn Maloney also noted, “this is a nakedly partisan effort.

Republicans are obsessed

Republicans, the New York Democrat observed, are “obsessed” with Hunter Biden. Just because his laptop is stuffed full of evidence incriminating Joe in a pay for play influence peddling scheme. If Republicans manage to pull off a regime change in November, you can bet the investigations will start flying.

If Democrats hang on to the House, some say there will be riots in the streets. There are those who believe that Donald Trump remains the rightful president and that laptop of Hunter’s has all the evidence to prove it. The FBI had that evidence since December of 2019 and sat on it.

On Monday, Mitch McConnell and top Senate Republicans called on the administration “to appoint a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden, arguing it’s necessary to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Everyone expects Gestapo General Merrick Garland to say no. He’s already on record saying that the Trump appointed federal attorney doesn’t need any special prosecutor superpowers.

Most people don’t realize that there was another laptop too. That one disappeared while Hunter was floating face down in a hot tub after he overdosed on crack. Right after his Russian dealer grabbed the laptop and split, leaving Biden for dead, the playboy recovered and started breathing again.

He never saw his Russian dealer or that laptop again, he admitted. We know what sorts of things are in the one the FBI has. One can only imagine what’s in the other one. If that’s not a threat to national security, what is.

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