They Just Charged Her with MURDER… Fans STUNNED

A popular Only Fans model has just been charged with murder.

Courtney Clenney, 26, killed her boyfriend in April.

At the time, she claimed it was self-defense.

Prosecutors did not see it that way.

Second-Degree Murder

When police arrived at the scene, Christian Obumseli was dead and Clenney was covered in his blood.

Shortly after the incident, videos started to pop up that made Clenney appear to be the aggressor.

One of the more damning videos was footage of them in an elevator, with Clenney beating on Obumseli…

Clenney uses the name Courtney Tailor on her Only Fans account.

She has more than two million followers on her Instagram account, so she is probably raking in big bucks on Only Fans.

When police arrived at the scene, Clenney claimed she threw the knife at her boyfriend, but the forensic evidence says she was right in front of him when she stabbed him.

Clenney was arrested in Hawaii on August 10, then extradited to Miami for the hearing.

Her attorney stated that she had gone to Hawaii to seek substance abuse and PTSD treatment.

Source: Fox News

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