WATCH: Armed Bystander Unexpectedly Saves The Day

A good person with a gun can stop a bad person with a gun from doing any more damage. Police in Charleston, WV are grateful she was there. The person she killed has a violent record. Dennis Butler was warned about speeding near an apartment complex with children. He got mad at being told no. He left, returned with a firearm and started shooting into a graduation party. Butler, 37, later died of his wounds.

Butler wasn’t a good shot

He may not have been trained to handle a gun. There were no injuries. Butler’s killer stayed until police came. The shooter had a record.

Tony Hazelett, Chief of Detectives, said no charges would be filed against the woman. Hazelett said she was lawfully carrying. If she hadn’t been there, lives might have been lost. “Instead of running from the threat, she engaged with the threat and saved several lives last night.”

Big reason to carry a gun

There are people out there that are not right in the head and not afraid to kill others. Dennis Butler wasn’t happy about being told he couldn’t do something so he came back with a different weapon. Instead of a car it was a gun.

The woman neutralized the threat that could have been so much worse. Hazelett said, “This lady was carrying a lawful firearm … a law abiding citizen who stopped the threat of probably 20 to 30 people being killed. She engaged the threat and stopped it.”

Gun laws might not have stopped Butler

Authorities said he has a record and they weren’t sure how he obtained the weapon. He’d been asked earlier to not speed in an area with children.

Dozens were at a graduation party. Hazelett continued, “There was a graduation party, a party with kids. So obviously somebody just graduated high school and another birthday party. We could have had a casualty shooting there.”

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