School District Receives Backlash for Using This Term

The San Francisco Unified School District will stop utilizing the term “chief” to be more culturally delicate. The district stated members of the Native American neighborhood revealed issue with the term.

Authorities informed the San Francisco Chronicle that over 10,000 staff members in the district from a range of functions have actually become part of the conversations about the term. A brand-new term to change the word “chief” has actually not yet been chosen.

“By changing how we refer to our division heads we are in no way diminishing the indispensable contributions of our district central service leaders,” noted SFUSD spokeswoman Gentle Blythe.

At least 13 officials in the district have a title that consists of the term “chief” consisting of a primary innovation officer, a chief of personnel, and a primary scholastic officer.

According to The New York Post, “the San Francisco Bay Area is home to several indigenous communities, with the Ohlone people being the predominant group.”

While the word “chief” has actually been related to Native Americans as a shortened kind of the word “chieftain,” the term’s origins are from Europe. It stems from the Old French term ‘chef’ and Latin term ‘caput’ which both describe the head of a group.

Passing up the word ‘chief’ in task titles is not the very first effort the SFUSD has actually made to acknowledge native neighborhoods.

The Washington Examiner notes that the district board conferences constantly start with a”land acknowledgment” – or an official reading of a declaration “that recognizes the Indigenous peoples who have been dispossessed from the homelands and territories upon which the District is built, currently occupies and operates in.”

When they would modify the titles to show their statement, the school district did not state.

Comparable efforts were made in Duluth, Minnesota, in June of 2020. Mentioning issues about angering Native American homeowners, Mayor Emily Larson campaigned for the adoption of a regulation that would have altered the title  “chief administrative officer” to “city administrator” and  “chief financial officer” to “finance director.”

The City Council postponed ballot on the problem and consequently “received dozens of emails from constituents and out-of-towners in the days since her appeal, including many pointing out the word’s Latin etymology and widespread use in military and corporate contexts,” per the Star Tribune.

Duluth eventually never ever embraced the modifications and presently utilized the term “chief” in task titles.

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