Alec Baldwin Delivers Bizarre Video Rant, Invokes Jan. 6 and Cherished Splenda Packet

It was hard to not feel sorry for Alec Baldwin in the immediate aftermath of the shooting which killed a crew member on a film set last year. Knowing that you’ve accidentally killed someone must be a terrible burden and the actor seemed genuinely miserable as photographers and journalists stalked him in subsequent weeks. Unfortunately, Alec hasn’t been able to help himself and has dug himself into a bit of a hole with his own remarks.

Baldwin recovers lost Splenda packet

Baldwin’s latest appearance was a somewhat bizarre video rant on Instagram, in which he discusses January 6, his determination to find the “truth” of the shooting, and a miraculous packet of Splenda.

The discovery of the Splenda packet apparently prompted the video. In an earlier post, Baldwin had discussed how he came into possession of the strange memento.

He claimed that he was sitting in a restaurant earlier this month when a young woman, noticing the dejected-looking actor, walked up and handed him a note written on a Splenda packet.

The stranger’s Splenda message read  “You are 100 percent true. Thanks for the laughs, Good Sir. Cheers to a new year. Love you. ”

Baldwin described being extremely moved by the note but claimed that he lost it before he had a chance to get a picture or video including the packet.

Now he says that a friend’s neighbor discovered it somehow and returned it to him after recognizing the note from his account of it on social media.

Denies allegations that he has refused to cooperate

It’s a perfectly innocent and wholesome enough story assuming he didn’t make it all up, but Baldwin couldn’t bring himself to stop after recounting the tale of his Splenda packet miracle.

The actor went on to discuss the ongoing investigation into the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and criticized the media for its coverage of the story.

Having safely tucked his Splenda packet into a coat pocket, Baldwin angrily denies the claim that he has not been fully cooperating with authorities or is unwilling to let his phone be searched.

Some publications have speculated about the possibility of there being something incriminating on the phone, though others have suggested that he may simply feel that a search of his phone would be violating his privacy, a point which he raises in the Instagram video.

Still, he claims that he is willing to provide anything the investigation needs and that suggestions to the contrary are all coming from “right-wing rag sheets.”

Baldwin ended the video with a seemingly unprompted reference to “January 6th of it all” before happily showing off his miraculous Splenda packet again.

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