Hispanic Democratic Official GOP is ‘Looking Better and Better’

The GOP looked good November 2020 too, but Democrats needed to cheat to keep Trump out of office. Ruben Diaz Sr. may have felt he needed to tow the Democrat line up til now. It became personal when the career criminal that killed his son was set free. Diaz joins the many people who see Republicans without the lens of the media. Murderers need to be punished and Democrats aren’t going to do that.

The GOP gets the job done

Provided Democrats don’t stand in the way. Alexis Dubouchet murdered Samuel Diaz. Since he was free on bail he may have murdered somebody else while waiting for trial for the Diaz case.

This was the last straw for Councilman Diaz and he ripped into his party. “You should know that due to ongoing efforts by New York Democrats to support criminals instead of our community, the Republican Party is looking better and better to many Hispanic voters.”

The GOP welcomes all

We don’t care what color your skin is or where you come from. The GOP believes in a different set of values. Diaz was furious with Hispanic Democrats, saying they, “have voted to release career criminals and drug addicts into our streets with no deterrents in place.”

But New York Democrats don’t care as long as they retain their money and power. They can hire their own security while the city burns. Diaz noted the destruction is being allowed, “Each night, as we watch any news station, we get to see video clips of fellow New Yorkers getting beaten, robbed, molested and pushed in front of subways. On the chance that any of these perpetrators are arrested, the revolving doors at the courthouses let them out right away to continue to wreak havoc.”

The GOP is against this destruction

Democrats are playing along with tearing the country apart. Democrats like pointing fingers of blame but not lifting a finger to get the job done. They’re all talk. When they act it’s the opposite.

Diaz noted that, “Democratic elected officials who voted to support what they call ‘bail reform,’ but “remain determined to protect criminals — not us.” It’s bail reform in name only. He continued, “Government’s first responsibility is to protect its people. Our government is not protecting us. Our Democratic elected officials have apparently turned their backs on our families and business owners.”

The GOP values the police

Back The Blue is one of the things the GOP supports. Remember how the Democrats have treated police?

“Don’t forget that before New York’s Democrats voted to defund the police, they remained unabashedly silent as a “disrespect the police” movement grew. The brave men and women in the NYPD have been further threatened with violence by fearless criminals who have nothing to worry about from the court system. The law, as recently amended by New York’s Democrats, is on their side: The police are no longer able to get the guns off the street, and they are no longer able to take the gunmen off the street.”

Councilman Diaz is a Pentacostal minister. Everybody can turn around if they choose,”As a Pentecostal minister who believes in redemption, and as someone who has been given a second chance, I don’t believe it is responsible at all to enable this unchecked criminal activity. If the Democrats don’t immediately correct the situation, our Hispanic voters will know to turn to the Republicans for help.”

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