Watch as School Board Member Gets Punched in the Face

A tense school board meeting in Connecticut got out of hand when a school board member was knocked to the floor by a punch to the face from an angry parent. The board was confronted by a host of angry locals demanding that it reverse a recent decision to change the name of the high school mascot and logo from “Tomahawks” to “Guardians” out of an abundance of politically correct caution and liberal conformity.

Name change sparks outrage

The changing of a high school mascot might seem like a minor thing for two grown men to physically confront each other over but this goes far beyond a simple name change.

The Glastonbury Tomahawks name was changed to the Glastonbury Guardians last year when such things were in vogue with the George Floyd protests and every institution needed to prove its leftist credentials.

Because of the pandemic the school board was not allowing in person meetings and parents only just now received the opportunity to complain about the change.

Barbershop owner Mark Finocchiaro was one of those angry parents, shouting at the school board that they were destroying local history with an insulting politically correct gesture.

Some students were confused about why the Tomahawk logo was offensive at all, given that it is a simple tool which has been in widespread use for centuries.

The school board decided to copy the Cleveland Indians, who changed their name to the ridiculous sounding Cleveland Guardians in their own attempt to dodge accusations of racism.

School board fight

At some point during a break in the meeting Finocchario sought out or encountered school board member Ray McFall, an ex-marine.

During the heated argument that ensued McFall shoved Finocchario, who instantly responded with a punch to the face which knocked the ex-marine to the floor.

McFall was not seriously hurt by the blow and can be seen in a video of the incident quickly getting up. Glastonbury Councilmember John Cavanna immediately inserted himself into the situation to separate the two men.

Cavanna echoed the sentiments of some other locals in saying that he was disappointed by the scuffle and wouldn’t be surprised if police arrested both men.

Attendees subsequently interviewed similarly found fault on both sides, saying that the punch was too far but that a school board member should not be physically shoving a parent during an argument.

Ultimately the meeting was ended before any decision could be reached on reversing the name change. Neither man has been charged yet for the confrontation.

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