Democrat Party Boasts There is NO GOD, and NO…

Denial is the new default strategy for the Democratic Party. Democrats have stated that there is no border crisis, no critical race theory, no widespread disapproval for Biden’s policies, and no culture war. The constant denials and deflections begin to sound like the new cult mantras for a party which has chosen to replace God and truth with a worldview that recognizes only the subjective opinions and experiences of certain chosen groups.

The party of denial

Objectively speaking, there is a crisis at the border. That is, until you redefine the issue away and convince the country that actually the unstoppable tide of illegal immigration is just business as usual.

Critical race theory is a hot issue with parents in particular and loses votes for Democrat candidates. Best to just pretend it doesn’t exist even while they explain why it’s good and important.

Leftists believe that they can change reality simply by speaking the right words and pretending that none of this is new, that it’s always been this way and you’re a conspiracy theorist for suggesting otherwise.

Over the course of a single decade Democrats went from being wary of openly supporting gay marriage themselves to now establishing it as an unassailable and unquestionable position.

If you ever doubt their power to manipulate just consider the fact that before Obama was elected most Democrats opposed gay marriage and now most Republicans support it.

Now they can simply deny that it’s even a topic for discussion, just like they deny that there can be perfectly good reasons for memorializing the Civil War or for doubting the purity of vote counting in Detroit.


A new cult

We often see arguments about the “slippery slope fallacy” or people scoffing at the idea that removing religious faith and principles would throw us into a cultural and moral chaos.

Clearly, however, we are seeing the truth to this currently. American is no longer a Christian nation, so now what is it? Lenin and Mao knew how to make themselves the higher power to be worshipped by their people.

Joe Biden is not in danger of becoming anyone’s object of worship. Instead, as the Western world emerges from its cultural free fall we can see a new religious order rising around certain ideals and mantras.

“Equity,” “inclusion,” and “diversity” are uttered with just as much reverence  and fervor as might have been “Ishtar” and “Marduk” in old Babylon.

These buzzwords are the new gods and idols of the new America . “Under God” was added to the pledge of allegiance to emphasize the difference between the United States and the state atheism of the Soviet Union.

Now that “under God” makes many Democrats uncomfortable enough to demand that it be removed. Like Lenin, they have other objects of worship to set up before the masses.

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