Breaking: Vet Killing ‘Angel of Death’ Finally Unmasked

The “Angel of Death” who murdered patients with insulin injections as she stalked the corridors of a VA hospital has finally, at long last, been unmasked. The first civil lawsuit filed in the matter, on behalf of Felix McDermott’s family names the “person of interest.”

Evil “Angel of Death” finally unmasked

Clarksburg, Virginia’s Louis A. Johnson VA Medical Center was haunted by an Angel of Death. She stalked the corridors of floor 3A, murdering wounded warriors in the middle of the night, with unnecessary injections of insulin.

Since the story first broke in 2019 everyone has been demanding that someone be arrested. Despite the fact that the Federal Bureau of Instigation has been on the case since then, there still hasn’t been an arrest.

So far, the only one who has managed to accomplish anything at all productive is the attorney who represents many of the involved families, Tony O’Dell. He just gave the public a major piece of long awaited information when he unmasked the killer.

Once again, he came through for the public where our trusted officials have failed. The very first civil suit filed in the case names the suspect. Reta Mays.

According to the complaint filed on behalf of the family of Felix McDermott, Ms. Mays is the “person of interest” who everyone has been looking for. “She was definitely involved in his care.”

Unnecessary injections of insulin

Mr. McDermott, who is not a diabetic, had just about recovered from the relatively minor complaints that brought him to the hospital and was expecting to go home soon. Suddenly, his condition took a nosedive which was diagnosed as an episode of “severe hypoglycemia.”

When it happened, Reta Mays was the “first one to do a glucose finger stick” to test the patient’s glucose level. Blood sugar levels are known to plummet from “an unwarranted insulin shot,” which was “the cause of Sargent McDermott’s death.”

Officials knew they had a killer on their hands. They soon learned that there were even more suspicious deaths. So far, there have been 11 victims identified. Reta Mays is described as “a 45-year old former WV corrections officer.” She was assigned to floor 3-A, “where all the suspicious deaths occurred.”

She was also fired by the Veterans Administration, consistent with what we already knew. “Sources” tell local WOWK News, “she claimed to be a Certified Nursing Assistant when applying to the VA.” The big problem is that her name doesn’t show up in the license database.

Felix McDermott’s civil lawsuit finally names the Angel of Death.

The VA dropped the ball

According to Melanie Proctor, Sergeant McDermott’s daughter, “the VA dropped the ball.” Didn’t anybody check her credentials before she was hired? “If they didn’t know she was certified, that should have been in her background check. That should have been something they had on record. That she had her certifications.”

Mr. O’Dell isn’t free to go into the details at this point. “We’re not at liberty to discuss certain parts of the case.” He can tell us a little though. “She was involved actively in Mr. McDermott’s care and we make that clear in the lawsuit.” There was enough solid evidence for her to finally be unmasked.

As the WOWK reporter noted, it’s important to point out that Ms. Mays is presumed innocent and has not yet been formally charged with a crime. “While Reta Mays has been named in a civil lawsuit, she has not been charged with any crime. But, a federal criminal investigation continues in the Northern District of West Virginia.”

A grand jury has been empaneled to consider the matter, which takes time. There are heavy rumors that a subpoena has been issued. At least now the public can rest assured that the Angel of Death is not prowling around the corridors of any other health care facilities while the prosecutors get a handle on this obviously bungled case.

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