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Tucker Carlson Shocking New Video

Not only was Tucker Carlson astounded by the Moscow subway, he made a trip to the grocery store. He was stunned by the prices which worked out to about a fourth of what the same goods would cost in the states. Unfortunately, he didn’t report that wages are about a fourth as well. The Deep State controlled media instantly seized on that to distract from the real story. In Moscow, the laundry soap isn’t on lockdown.

Carlson radicalized by Moscow

Conservative personality Tucker Carlson says he’s been “radicalized” by his trip to Russia. He’s not ready to move to Moscow or anything but the differences are amazing. He expected cold war harshness and none was to be found.

The only remnants of the Soviet era which caught his attention were the murals in the subway station. They were spotless. No graffiti, no bums. Muscovites were happily traveling to and fro in safety and comfort. The grocery store was just as friendly.

Vladimir Putin isn’t all bad, no matter what the press has to say about him, so Carlson went over to do an exclusive interview. Along with an earful of Putin’s version of Ukrainian history, he learned that Vlad wouldn’t mind negotiating an end to the war.

The U.S. media knows that but won’t tell anyone. Putin was upset that Tucker didn’t give him harder questions. He was ready to turn the interview into a series.

While commenting about his ride on the subway, Carlson mentioned his trip to the grocery store was just as awakening. Russians came to the realization, long ago, that socialism doesn’t work and fully embraced capitalism.

Despite all the sanctions on Russia and their war with Ukraine, food is abundant and prices reasonably low. While they aren’t getting screaming deals, they aren’t paying any more for their staples than we are, comparatively speaking. If we had a war on, you can bet prices would be up.


A very different situation

That was the story Tucker was trying to tell but the media spun it in another direction. So hard and so fast it’s affecting Earth’s orbit.

If you listen close, what Carlson really said is “we’ve been told sanctions on Russia have had a devastating effect on its economy. We visited a grocery store in Moscow and found a very different situation.

Another aspect of that situation, which is so instantly apparent that Carlson didn’t need to say a word, is that they don’t lock up the detergent. The stores are clean, well stocked, and they don’t have an excessive shoplifting problem.

That’s not to say that crime is nonexistent. There are still shoplifters, thieves and addicts. The cops get them quickly off the street before they do much harm.

The liberal media is going crazy trying to discount the reporting Carlson did from Russia. They call him Putin’s puppet and a useful idiot. All of that is distraction from the obvious fact that our subway looks like a death trap. From end-to-end, the entire thing is decorated like a set from “Escape From New York.

When you go to the grocery store there, you need an armed escort. Instead of self-service convenience, Americans have 1920’s style shopping. Tell the clerk what you need and they get it from behind the locked security measures. After you pay for it. You won’t find one word about that in any of the Carlson bashing stories.

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