Rush Limbaugh Bombshell Resurfaces

More than a decade ago, Rush Limbaugh discussed what Israel should have been able to do.

Hamas has just taken over Gaza, being in power for less than six months.

Rush recommended allowing Israel to unleash, but instead, Israel was told to only take measured steps against Hamas.

Had the world listened to him then, this war may have never happened.

Rush Had It Right

This is Rush Limbaugh in November 2007…

“The only way some form of quiet will ever exist in the Middle East is if Israel is given the latitude to totally defeat its declared enemies.

“Only then will the terrorist attacks on Israel’s civilians come to an end. Perpetual negotiations, diplomatic half measures, or land for peace deals will not bring peace to the Middle East.

“For those who believe this is an irresponsible notion, I use history as my guide. …

“This week Hamas and other terrorist groups – which, like certain of the countries that surround Israel, seek the destruction of Israel, not co- existence or even the establishment of a Palestinian state – intensified their war against the Jewish state by unleashing 5 fanatic suicide bombers against innocent civilians, mostly children.

“The result: hundreds of casualties, including 26 dead. In the past 14 months, more than 230 Israelis have been killed – the proportional equivalent to the U.S. losing some 11,000 people. …

“When attacked by terrorists, Israel has been urged to show ‘restraint,’ to make more negotiated concessions and even accept the creation of a hostile Palestinian state on its border.”

Rush was referring to a suicide bombing that had taken place.

If only we had listened to him.

Source: Hot Air

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