Shop Owner Hangs Controversial Sign In Store Window, Outrage Ensues

It’s an issue that I’ve often pondered.

Recently, there have been discussions and debates about whether White History Month should be recognized or not.

Jim Boggess, the owner of Jimbo’s Deli in Flemington, made headlines when he hung a sign in his window that said “Celebrate your white heritage in March, White History Month.”

His sign caused uproar in the community – some people saying it was an homage to Ku Klux Klan and others claiming that it was racist.

After receiving backlash for his sign, Boggess spoke out saying he didn’t understand why this had become such a big deal.

He expressed his love for everyone regardless of race or religion and stated that he shouldn’t feel bad about being white.

Unfortunately for him, Bhakti Curtis – a biracial former customer – wasn’t happy with the sign either.

He filed a police complaint claiming the sign was racist and offensive and as a result an officer went to take down the offending item.

Despite there being no derogatory or racist messages on the sign, things got so bad that Jimbo’s Deli was forced to shut down due to lack of customers coming through their door.

It goes without saying both Boggess and Curtis were deeply upset by all the hostility surrounding this situation, especially considering how long they’d known each other prior to this incident occurring.

After apologizing to one another they posed for photos together showing harmony had been restored – although sadly it wasn’t enough to save Jimbo’s Deli from closing permanently due to all the negative publicity generated by this whole debacle.

Boggess saw himself as being victimized because of his skin color here – asking why he couldn’t celebrate his own heritage if other groups are allowed too?

Curtis however argued that you can’t go putting up signs which make people feel demoralized or degraded simply because they wish to buy something from you – even if everybody is welcome into your shop regardless of race/religion/ethnicity etcetera.

So where does one draw the line?

This brings me back around again full circle: Should we have White History Month?

Should we have Black History Month?

Or should these things just be celebrated all year round anyway without having specific months dedicated solely towards them?

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