Major Brand Forced to Change Its Packaging After Liberals Said It Was…

Yet again, another major brand in this country caves to a small percentage of people that are “offended.”

The offending word that was removed from the label… “normal.”

I have no idea how that could offend someone, but I guess we are about to find out.

That’s Offensive

Up until recently, some Dove packaging featured the word “normal” on it.

That word has now been removed.

The reason is that some people may have felt excluded by the wording, at least in the eyes of the woke idiots at Dove.

The company has started a new “Positive Beauty” initiative to make all of its products more inclusive.

This happened after the liberal horde complained that some of the company’s products were using stereotypes to promote products.

For instance, a skin-lightening cream sold in Asia was changed from “Fair and Lovely” to “Glow and Lovely.”

The pushback on social media was quick and vicious, with many people simply getting sick and tired of others finding a way to be offended by just about anything these days.

The President of Beauty & Personal Care for Unilever, Sunny Jain, stated, “With one billion people using our beauty and personal care products every day, and even more seeing our advertising, our brands have the power to make a real difference to people’s lives.

“As part of this, we are committed to tackling harmful norms and stereotypes and shaping a broader, far more inclusive definition of beauty.

“We know that removing ‘normal’ from our products and packaging will not fix the problem alone, but it is an important step forward.

“It’s just one of a number of actions we are taking as part of our Positive Beauty vision, which aims not only to do less harm but more good for both people and the planet.

“With more consumers than ever rewarding brands which take action on the social and environmental issues they care about, we believe that Positive Beauty will make us a stronger and more successful business.”

Now I don’t know about you, but I am getting a little sick and tired over five percent of the radicals in this country dictating how just about everything in this country is now portrayed.

Source: GOP Newsfeed

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