They Were MURDERED in Ambush… So Young

The job of being a photojournalist has definitely become more dangerous in recent years.  

Remember seeing all those reporters from Fox threatened during the riots?  

Now, a journalist and a young girl have been allegedly murdered by a 19-year-old thug.  


Dylon Lyons, 24, a journalist for Spectrum News 13, was covering a story when he suddenly became the story.  

He and his partner Jesse Walden were both shot while covering a murder story.  

Lyons passed away, but Walden is recovering from his wounds.  

Two other women were also killed in the shooting: 38-year-old Nathacha Augustin and, tragically, 9-year-old T’yonna Major. 

WOFL reporter Amanda McKenzie posted, “Please say a prayer for Jesse Walden this morning. 

“I had the opportunity to work with Jesse last year and I am hoping that he pulls through and recovers.” 

Journalist Ryan Elijah added, “Say a prayer for Jesse Walden this morning.  

“The News 13 photojournalist was critically injured in the shooting that killed his colleague Dylan Lyons Wednesday.” 

Source:  New York Post

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