College Athlete Found DEAD… Tragic

College athletics have taken a serious hit.

It was not long ago that we had reported on the death of a football player by unknown causes.

This time, it is another football player from San Jose State that has died.

Tragedy Strikes

Camdan McWright was on an electric scooter when he was struck by a school bus.

Coach Brent Brennan stated, “We lost an amazing young man tragically this morning.

“Camdan had a bright future ahead of him, and everyone in this community that had the opportunity to spend time with him knew that.

“We are still trying to deal with the news of this tragedy and appreciate everyone’s support during these difficult times.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the McWright family, and I want them to know we are all here for them.

“Camdan will always be in our hearts, and he will be profoundly missed.”

McWright was only two blocks away from campus.

California Highway Patrol stated that 14 kids were on the bus when it struck McWright, and that the bus had the right of way at the time of the accident.

CHP officer Mike Lee stated, “The 18-year-old pedestrian riding an electric scooter was traveling south on 10th Street and entered the intersection at the crosswalk and was crossing to the opposing sidewalk.

“He was in the crosswalk when he was struck by the bus.

“[He] did sustain fatal injuries immediately at the scene.”

The scheduled game on Saturday was postponed due to McWright’s death.

Source: Fox News

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