Thief Held as Sex Slave Rescued From Dog Cage

A 20-year-old Georgia woman has been rescued from a dog cage. She was held as a sex slave because “she stole a bunch of stuff.” All five of her captors were taken into custody. She was beaten routinely, kept in seriously unsanitary conditions and was regularly pimped out until her “debt” was paid.

She’s my sex slave

An unidentified “former resident” of a trailer on Nellie Drive had some interesting things to tell deputies with Richmond County Sheriff’s Department when he gave them a jingle on Tuesday, November 29.

He wanted to report a sex slave being held captive in a cage. She wasn’t his and he had nothing to do with it, he made crystal clear, he was just calling it in.

When the informant dropped by, he was only there to “retrieve some belongings.” He was seriously unsettled by what he saw when the current occupants invited him in. He kept his cool and played along until he could get back out of there.

According to the official police report, as soon as he walked in “he observed an unknown light brown-skinned female that was naked, beaten severely and currently locked in a dog cage.” A filthy and smelly one. Apparently they didn’t let their private sex slave out for anything, not even to go to the bathroom.

Resident Shawna Powell, age 32, claimed ownership. She casually described the naked, bruised woman in the cage as her “whore.” It’s okay, she assured. “She stole a bunch of stuff from me so she is going to be my sex slave and I am going to pimp her out until she pays it off.

If he wanted a piece he was going to have to wait his turn. Another occupant mentioned “that several people were on the way ‘to have their way‘ with the woman.” He could have her afterward.

Please help me

The man emphasized to police how the woman “pleaded for help.” Deputies arrived around 10:20 p.m. Tuesday and “ordered everyone to come out.” 24-year-old DeMichael Dawson stepped out first. He informed authorities “that there were several other people inside, along with three pit bulls.

As soon as they entered, “they came across an empty dog cage in the feces-filled home, where the victim was discovered lying on a bed with multiple injuries to her face.” The horrific sex slave story was supported by the fact “one of her eyes was severely swollen and bruised.

Three other occupants were arrested for allowing the heinous crimes to happen. Keeping a sex slave in a cage was apparently no big deal to Anjelika Figueroa, 29, Savannah Piazzi, 18, or Dawson Weston, 19.

All five were charged with “kidnapping, false imprisonment, aggravated assault, and possession of a firearm or knife during the commission of a crime.

Dawson also got a bonus charge of “possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.” Neighbors relate that deputies probably had no difficulty finding the place because they’re there all the time. “We’ve been dealing with this for months now,” said neighbor Crisa Lee.

I’m glad they’re in jail because we don’t have to deal with it anymore.” She apparently didn’t know about their captive sex slave. The woman was definitely injured physically and “emotionally distraught when authorities found her.” Her condition is unknown at this time.

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