Democrat DENIES Their Rights…Liberals Explode

New York City Mayor Eric Adams made liberal heads explode with the loophole he found to solve his migrant overflow problem. Let someone else worry about them. He may have an obligation to shelter his city’s homeless citizens but that doesn’t mean he has to put a roof over every illegal alien who steps off a bus there.

Adams denies migrants shelter

So far, “officials struggled to accommodate the inundation of migrants in the sanctuary city and implored federal officials to pick up the tab, which Adams has estimated to be up to $2 billion.” That situation just changed but liberals aren’t happy with how.

New York City may have a “right to shelter” policy but it doesn’t apply “to the tens of thousands of asylum seekers who have sought sanctuary in the boroughs since last spring.” The Mayor exposed the new controversy during comments he made on a radio interview.

The court ruled that this is a sanctuary city,” Adams informed host Sid Rosenberg. “We have a moral and legal obligation to fulfill that.” Sanctuary and shelter are two different things, under his new interpretation. “We don’t believe asylum seekers fall into the whole ‘right to shelter’ conversation.

Whether liberals like it or not, “There’s no more room at the inn, and the reason there’s no more room at the inn is because the federal government is not doing their job.

He can point the finger at Joe Biden all he wants but FEMA still isn’t forking over any cash. Because he’s been taking so much heat for whining about a mere few thousand invaders to his city, Adams “visited El Paso, Texas earlier this month to get a first hand look at the national crisis.

He got a real tour, unlike the sanitized version Joe Biden was led through.

He knows better

Adams thinks he came up with a solution which lets him off the hook but it won’t be that easy. The New York Post writes that “the city’s ‘right to shelter‘ law is one of the strongest sanctuary city laws in the country, requiring the government to make a roof available to anyone without a home on any given night.

Back in 1979 the Legal Aid Society sued them over six homeless men. The difference is that those homeless men were actual citizens of the city, state and nation. The Legal Aid Society and Coalition for the Homeless went spastic when they heard the news.

This is not a responsibility that Mayor Adams can decide to shirk, and he knows better,” they whined in a press release. The mayor’s office hit right back.

Legal Aid’s suggestion that the city is flouting it’s (sic) legal obligations couldn’t be further from the truth.” This is a federal problem, not a city one. Let Joe Biden find them all a place to sleep.

So far, every time Mayor Adams sends Joe a bill it gets ignored. He’s going to have to have $356 million sent to collections. The mayor “has asked both the state and federal government for support, but has only been refunded $10 million of the $366 spent so far on the migrant crisis as of last month.” That’s a huge difference.

He’s also begging the Imperial Palace to close the gates, at least for a little while, so we can absorb the ones already here. That’s not going to happen.

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