Biden White House LIVID After DISTURBING Video Surfaces

Fox News has a new video report on the border.

Let’s just say that anyone that supports keeping our borders locked down will be upset.

The images are disturbing, to say the least.

No Resistance

The thermal imaging drone that Fox News is using adds even more drama to the pictures as you see these migrants crossing the border.

The footage taken was once again at Eagle Pass, which is where we always see a significant percentage of migrants cross into the country.

The sheer numbers are already disturbing, but the lack of resistance is what is really upsetting…

They literally look like they are out for a casual stroll, coming across the border without a care of being caught or apprehended.

This is a direct result of Secretary Mayorkas and Joe Biden’s new border policies.

The current pace at the border is more than 6,000 migrants per day, with about half of them being released right away to our interior.

Sadly, Joe Biden has no desire to slow it down.

Source: Fox News

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