Woman Lives With Her Mother’s CORPSE For a YEAR

California police have revealed the story of a woman who lived with the corpse of her mother on a couch for over a year during lockdown.

In the city of Petaluma, neighbors contacted police after noticing piles of boxes being delivered to the home’s front door, but no one answering when they attempted to ring the doorbell.

Police had to force their way into the home at around 11 a.m. that day, and discovered the dead mother’s corpse on the couch in the living room.

The daughter was found in a bedroom following an extensive search through the home.

“A short time after the discovery of the body, the officers were shocked to hear a female voice calling out to them from a bedroom,” said Petaluma police Lt. Jeremy Walsh to Fox News Digital.

Inside the home, police shared that there was clutter, trash and various boxes filled from floor to ceiling.

“After a slow and methodical process of clearing the debris, officers were able to safely get her out of the room and ultimately transported to an area hospital for medical treatment,” he added.

The woman revealed that her mother had passed away from “natural causes” back in April 2021, meaning that the body had been decomposing for over 16 months.

While they continue to investigate how the mother actually died, authorities are calling it an “unattended death”.

Authorities are questioning whether the daughter received financial benefits that belonged to her mother.

Police believe that the woman had not left her home since the start of the pandemic, as she had been receiving living essentials in the mail.

Here’s a local news video of the incident:


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