Trump v. Biden: Battle for PA

Donald Trump and Joe Biden had a direct face-off on Saturday.  

Trump rallied at Arnold Palmer Regional Airport while Biden and Obama rallied in Philadelphia.  

Both went to the strongest areas of their base in a showdown that could determine who has power in the Senate.  

The Battle 

Biden’s rally was held at Temple University, and to his credit, they did fill the arena.  

In a city of millions, they managed to get about 10,000 people to come and see them. 

Along for the ride was Barack Obama, which had Joe Biden giggling like a schoolgirl.  

Fetterman dressed appropriately, in his dirty black hoodie and jeans that looked like they were on day 20 of the wear cycle.  

In touting Fetterman and Josh Shapiro, Biden stated, “Two years ago, you used that power to make Donald Trump not only a former president, but you made him a defeated president. 

“This year, you have the power to make John Fetterman your next United States Senator and Josh Shapiro your next governor.” 

Trump was in Latrobe, arguably the state’s biggest center of GOP voters. 

While stumping for Oz and Doug Mastriano, he stated, “They don’t call it the Keystone State for nothing. 

“Once again, Pennsylvania is the political epicenter of the country and the balance of the House and Senate weigh from here on Tuesday.” 

He also took an unnecessary shot at DeSantis while talking about the current polling for GOP presidential candidate.  

Trump stated, “There it is, Trump at 71 percent, Ron DeSanctimonious at 10%. 

“Mike Pence at seven, oh, Mike is doing better than I thought. 

“Liz Cheney there’s no way she’s at 4%. There’s no way. There’s no way. But we’re at 71 to 10 to 7 to 4.” 

That is aggravating to me because there is no need for it other than for Trump to stroke his own ego.  

Besides, there has never been a doubt about Trump winning the nomination.  

It is and always has been about his ability to win the general election.  

He could win the primary 100-0, but if he fails to win the general election, he fails, period.  

And ostracizing DeSantis supporters is just utterly stupid, as he will need them to win a general election.  

Trump needs to be pulling every vote he can right now, not giving people a reason to sit on their couches in 2024.  

The man’s ego is and always has been his own worst enemy.  

Sources: The Hill and Fox News  

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