Obama Stunt Backfires… He Just Cost Dems Huge

Democrats called in the big dog.

Only the big dog did not deliver.

Had they actually checked out Obama’s endorsement record, they would have realized getting him involved this late in the race might not be such a good idea.

Barack Bombed

Obama has hit the campaign trail pretty hard the last few days.

One of his stops was in Michigan, but things did not go so well.

Not only did Obama get heckled in Michigan, but he may have cost Whitmer a few points in the process.

Before Obama showed up, she was holding a lead, albeit a small one.

The latest poll now has Whitmer and her Republican opponent, Tudor Dixon, in a dead heat.

Whitmer also lied her face off during the recent debate about how long the schools were closed in Michigan.

This just did not make any sense because parents know how long their kids were home for, and it was far longer than the three months that Whitmer claimed.

A fact Dixon was more than happy to point out…

This race has much deeper implications regarding 2024.

If Dixon pulls this upset, she goes right into the top two women on the list of favorites to possibly share a ticket with Trump or DeSantis.

At that point, it would be down to her and Governor Kristi Noem (R-S.D.).

Source: Breitbart

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