Biden Caves to Immigrants

The Biden administration is all talk. Whatever action there is for something is in the wrong direction. A task force is created, money is spent but nothing happens. Venezuelans are pouring over the border due to their socialist dictator. Now the administration may give expedited access to Venezuelan immigrants, the same status that’s been given to Ukrainians because of the Russian invasion.

Immigrants given a pass

There are enough so the Mexican government is actually letting some in. They would “temporarily” allow Venezuelans into Mexico through the US border. No numbers were specified.

Over 150,000 Venezuelans were apprehended at the US – Mexico border from October 2021 to August 2022 according to our own government’s data. The 2021 fiscal year was almost 48,000 less so there are a lot more coming through.

Immigrants are being pushed out

Mexican officials think the sanctions against the Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro are fueling the larger wave of people leaving. Those sanctions need to be eased.

We were already sending Venezuelans to Mexico. The most recent numbers were in August, 453 illegals were sent there.

Immigrants entering Mexico

In order to qualify for this program, a person or organization in the US must support the person trying to enter. Entrance to the US would be done by air.

Those who want to be a part of this program shouldn’t go to the US – Mexico border. Immigrants entering illegally through Mexico or Panama after October 12 won’t be eligible.

Immigrants helped

Mexico has asked the United States to help with visas to the tune of 65,000 additional temporary ones for non agricultural jobs. Out of those, 20,000 of those will go to those from Central America and Haiti.

The DHS will not roll-out the program if Mexico doesn’t accept illegals from Venezuela being sent back to Mexico. At first glance, this seems like Biden is going back to how Trump handled the border. This time though, it’s being done from a position of weakness. Biden isn’t respected.

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