Georgia Democrat Stacey Abrams Linked to $500k Scam

When Stacey Abrams was in the Georgia House, she got the brilliant idea to start The New Georgia Project.

When the pandemic hit, the organization put in for a PPP loan of almost $500,000.

The loan has since been forgiven.

But this is only where the fun starts.

Free Money

Abrams had almost no name recognition until she ran for governor, and lost.

Suddenly, her little Project started seeing some serious cash come in.

In 2019, the organization had a great year, raising $1.6 million.

In 2020, however, they went bonkers, raising $24.5 million.

Yet, when the PPP was announced, the Project could not get the forms filled out quickly enough, claiming the money would be used to pay for 95 salaries.

So, here is the question, if the organization ran on $1.6 million, and had a surplus of $18 million in the bank, why did it need $500,000 of taxpayer-funded loans?

Here is an even better question…

Why did the Project’s director receive a pay raise of $69,345 to increase her annual salary to $187,577?

That is more than a 50 percent pay raise.

Stacey Abrams is a scam artist, and this is how she makes her money.

She gets paid from shell companies and bogus foundations, which is why she was worth a mere $100,000 in 2017 and is now worth more than $3 million.

Prove me wrong.

Source: Fox News

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