Cuomo Wanted A REAL Job, But Couldn’t Hack It…

Looks like Chris Cuomo pulled his application for a blue-collar job after having actually been fired from CNN.

The 51-year-old previous news anchor Chris Cuomo was discharged in 2014 from CNN over discoveries that he aided his brother, disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in his fight against sexual harassment claims. The disgraced CNN host reportedly leaned on his media contacts with to collect information concerning his brother’s accusers.

In March following his brother’s sexual harassment scandal, Chris filed a $125 million suit against CNN alleging that the corporation needs to pay him $15 million in lost wages as well as $110 million for added problems. Soon after he lost his suit against the network, Chris is attempting to make a drastic career change.

According to The Daily Beast’s Confider e-newsletter, the former CNN prime-time host applied to be a volunteer fireman in his swanky East Hampton neighborhood, however, his application was withdrawn quickly after meeting the fire department chiefs. The outlet adds that while he was “eager” to become a member of the team, he had not been able to take care of the time dedication.

“It’s a very time-consuming thing. There are monthly meetings and drills and you have to meet a percentage of your calls,” EHFD Chief Duane Forrester said. “That’s why we don’t have many celebrities.”

Given pause at the time dedication, well, what else does this person need to do?

Here are some comments from folks online:

“Blue collar jobs require actual skills in said trade. They aren’t going to hire you because you were once famous. Work needs done.”

“Hey he’s gotta hit the gym to work those glamor muscles. No guarantee he’ll get that same all around workout as a volunteer fireman.”

“Cuomo qualified for…??”

“He’s not qualified for anything.”

“LOL, nothing like a self described celebrity. He apparently viewed being a fireman as brother viewed being a farmer.”I could teach anybody, even people in this room, to be a farmer”. IOW, If something is on fire you just pour water on it, I don’t need any training to do that.”

“welcome to the real world Chris where regular people have to work full time and actually do stuff”

“He only wanted the gig for a monthly shirtless pic for Instagram “time to untangle this big know what I’m talking about ladies”. He balked when the bullshit stuff like “meetings” got in the way. Why would a stud like him have to endure that?”

Watch it here: Youtube/Foxnews

H/T: Patriot Nation Press, Dailywire, Thedailybeast, Dailymail

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