CNN Decides to Further Sink Their Own Titanic

One might wonder how the Communist News Network is still broadcasting. Is there a point where advertisers will start pulling their money? Or have the Democrats been kicking in taxpayer money on the sly to keep the narrative going? CNN enjoyed great ratings January 6, 2021. Maybe it figures doing various offshoots of that will bring in viewers. Otherwise, CNN isn’t listening or they just don’t care anymore.

CNN ratings

Are in the toilet. The last time they had great ratings was during the January 6 protest so maybe they’re thinking to keep running programs related to that to attract viewers. This attempt has been going on for a year now. It’s not working.

The network covered the election well but it’s gone downhill since. Fox has enjoyed probably the best ratings while MSNBC has reached a steady low.

The CNN obsession

With the Capitol protest has driven people away. Curiously, somebody thought giving Jim Acosta a weekend spot might be a good idea. He might have attracted viewers because he attacked Trump regularly but Trump isn’t in office anymore.

There was an attempt to rework the morning show New Day with Brianna Keilar but that was a disaster too. That program provided record lows for CNN, dropping under a half million viewers.

CNN is still afloat

Even after hitting an iceberg that it won’t admit to. Wolf Blitzer marked the nine month anniversary of January 6 and dedicated that whole day to living that event again. It didn’t work.

Brian Stelter complained Fox beat them with very little effort, “Fox…provided basically the bare minimum amount of anniversary coverage.” January 6 shouldn’t be your only claim to fame, CNN.

CNN got excited

It crowed over Twitter about how high their ratings were. We beat everybody with 5.2 million viewers! Nice try. That’s for those who didn’t bother to tune in anywhere else because Fox beat everybody that day.

CNN doesn’t seem to understand people aren’t watching. A recent special called Democracy in Peril hosted by Brianna Keilar was aired focusing on our democracy falling apart. Nobody watched it. It ran against Sean Hannity who pulled in five times as many viewers.

The definition of insanity

Jim Acosta is now in Chris Cuomo’s seat in an evening program called Journalism in Peril. It doesn’t make sense to beat your head against a wall, but here we are.

Why does the network not seem to learn from it mistakes or is it a case of it just doesn’t matter anymore? With viewership this poor, how do they manage to find talent for a streaming service that’s supposed to be starting up called CNN+?

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