Watch as Con Artist Al Sharpton Gets Warm Greeting from Americans

Somebody misses the spotlight. Why was he called in? A distraction from other news? Is the border too quiet? Who knows. People can get booed off stage. They can also be shouted down. But Al Sharpton had the microphone and by golly, that was his right to stay there and speak. This is regardless that Americans in the area were completely disgusted he came and shouted the racist clown down.

Sharpton needs to retire

A person might ask how on earth he still has a job but Democrats that rely on a divided America have deep pockets. He came down to Del Rio to assess the border situation and asked the Biden administration to stop deporting Haitian immigrants.

Are they being deported? Lucas Tomlinson tweeted that the DHS secretary said about 12,000 Haitian immigrants have been released into the US. Unfortunately this administration can’t be trusted to tell people what’s really going on.

Sharpton had the microphone

But that didn’t mean anything. You can stand in the area and just talk loud enough so the voice the news wants is drowned out.

One of the hecklers was a member of the press asking for the truth. Sharpton being another Democrat, did what the current administration does. Say some prepared words and walk away.

It was a small crowd

Sharpton may have wanted to keep this low profile, just a quick photo opp. His trip to Del Rio was quiet. Could it be he feared for a much larger gathering that he couldn’t have dealt with? That door swings both ways, Reverend. Sapphire blue liberal Democrats are not welcome in a Texas border town that sees the harm Democrat policies cause.

“Why are you not being a voice for the children?” Sharpton supposedly speaks for the disadvantaged, that includes children. “Del Rio is not a racist city, Del Rio is a loving, caring community!” “Nobody wants to hear your racist nonsense, get out of here!” “Get out of Texas!” “Why are you not speaking for the children being trafficked through the border?” Shutting off communications is part of war. Drowning out speech is a part of that.

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