CNN Reporter Arrested During Riots Cries For Attention from the Nation

A CNN reporter is lashing out in anger after finding out that showing up to a riot has consequences. Carolyn Sung was arrested in Minnesota during the riots there, which CNN has enthusiastically endorsed every step of the way. Sung claims that she took special offense from the fact that she was, allegedly, asked if she spoke English by one the Minnesota State Police troopers who arrested her. Sung claims this is further evidence of police racism.

CNN reporter claims persecution

As a reporter and an Asian-American Carolyn Sung may have felt quite invincible while attending the riots in Minnesota, given the amount of effort which her colleagues devote to claiming that both demographics face constant persecution.

If Sung thought that this status left her untouchable, however, she was badly mistaken. Officers arrested Sung on April 13 and held her briefly before she was released.

Sung herself and CNN claim that she was attacked at random by the state troopers while attempting to comply with their orders to disperse.

The other side of the story, however, has not yet emerged. The situation in Minnesota has been violent and unstable and the police have repeatedly struggled to contain unruly crowds.

CNN and others in the media have indignantly claimed that this is an assault on their “vital” work as members of the free press.

Democrat Governor Tim Walz claimed in response that he is working to ensure that members of the press do not face any arrests in the future.

Journalists outraged

Journalists and reporters, particularly those employed by CNN, have played a major role in inciting and encouraging the unrest which has surrounded the BLM movement.

This media activism has been accompanied by a rising sense of self-importance which has driven the opinion  that all members of the press must be above reproach.

The combination of these factors makes it easy to see a scenario in which Carolyn Sung found herself at the center of a chaotic and unlawful gathering and felt no obligation to comply with requests to disperse.

While this is a purely speculative claim, the fact that Sung was arrested at all should indicate that she was not in a hurry to leave the area when the dispersal orders were given.

One would think that not assuming that everyone will speak English would be praiseworthy in the eyes of those who support multiculturalism, but apparently that question expands the incident to persecution on two fronts for Sung and CNN,

While her arrest was ultimately nothing more than a minor inconvenience, the Minnesota state troopers who arrested Sung may soon feel the full wrath of the media and their governor.

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