Chuck Schumer’s Hopes Fading Fast (Details)

Schumer’s comrades are having second thoughts. Polls may have again told them what they wanted to hear rather than what was actually happening.

The Democrat party needs to cheat in order to win. Having the news media calling a state for a win before all the votes are counted is one way to do that.  Voter suppression often works well for them.  Maybe not this time though.

Schumer’s got his dreams

But reality can be completely different. Democrats needed to flip at least four Republican seats. Unfortunately their media allies were only able to declare two of those. Colorado and Arizona were the only two that wound up being flipped.

Schumer shouldn’t expect Democrats to hold the midwest too heavily. There’s much more common sense out there than what might be on either coast. Iowa, Texas, Kansas and Montana Republicans held their ground.

Schumer’s Democrats may have moved south

Where living is a little easier than the northeast. Sometimes the liberal ideology is left at the border where it belongs. Both Carolinas appear to be keeping the conservative majority. Lindsey Graham in SC won handily while so far Sen. Thom Tillis has a narrow lead.

Maine and Alaska are more wilderness with Alaska being a definite. Lack of common sense out there can result in death so the Republicans won both.

Schumer’s hopes are on at least Georgia

But there’s a hand by hand recount going on there. Schumer is holding out hope for Democrat Cal Cunningham in NC who was caught in a sexting scandal.

Democrats would need to win at least two out of those three seats and Biden would need to be elected President to make the balance 50/50.

There might be a runoff in the two Georgia races. Alabama went Republican while in Michigan Democrats hold a slight lead.

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