Shirtless Fight at Hooters Went VIRAL Online

People go to Hooters to eat chicken wings, drink cold beer, and stare at hot women.

They surely do not go there expecting a WWE event to break out!

Unfortunately, that is what happened at a local Hooters in Plano, TX.

The Scam

It would appear as though some local thugs were trying to run a scam.

They steal candy bars, then sell them to people pretending there are raising money for a charity.

They ask a buck or two for the candy bar, and people give it up thinking they are helping out a charity or special cause.

I say that because after the kids selling the candy bars at the Hooters were told to take off, a bunch of shirtless thugs got out of a car and went ballistic.

They started to give the manager a beatdown.

The man suffered a broken arm in the melee, but they did manage to get the doors closed and keep the thugs out in the vestibule.

They were not too happy about that, so one of them picked up an ashtray and slammed it into the window.

Glass shattered, injuring one of the waitresses in the process…

According to Plano PD, the incident is still under investigation.

Source: New York Post

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