Teen Attacked

VIDEO: Liberal Whacko Attacks Pro-life Teen

How disturbed do you have to be as an adult to attack a young teenage girl simply because she supports the right to life?

That is the question people are asking in Kansas today.

Grace Hartsock, a member of the Students for Life (SFL) group, got punched in the face by a grown woman simply for trying to get people out to vote.


According to the report, the teenage girl was knocking on doors to get people to come out to vote for a referendum on the ballot.

When she knocked on one door, a woman answered and told her, “No, I’m sorry, I don’t think you want to talk to us.”

Nothing at all wrong with that response, but that is not where it stopped.

Apparently, the woman’s daughter went ballistic, saying, “Don’t apologize to her, mom.”

Then she went after the girl, allegedly attacking her and punching her in the face and body.

Hartsock managed to get the end of it on video, where the alleged attacker’s mother screams at her to get inside.

The outraged woman also reportedly stated, “I hope you get raped.

“I hope you get run over by a car.”

Who says something like that to a child?

SFL stated, “Since she was struck, the student is experiencing headaches and body soreness, and Students for Life Action has connected her with an attorney.

“She and Students for Life Action are considering a legal response.”

That woman needs to be in a mental institute.

These people are unhinged because they want the right to kill babies… it is a sad state of our society.

Source: Fox News

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