Kamala Harris BREAKS SILENCE on Border… Americans FUMING

Chuck Todd sat down with Kamala Harris to throw her a few softballs this weekend.

I almost laughed that some media outlets described a question that he asked as “pushing back” on the border.

All he did was throw up an underhanded pitch and allow her to smack it out of the park.

Oh, It’s Secure

Since Joe and Kamala have taken the keys to the country, almost four million illegal immigrant encounters have occurred.

Of those, roughly one million have been processed and released into the country.

There are also an estimated 900,000 gotaways that eluded border officials and are walking freely in the country.

Yet, Kamala Harris says the border is secure and the problems are all the fault of Donald Trump…

It is almost comical that she says we need to have a path to citizenship because we actually do.

The only problem is that the path is laid out for people that come to this country legally.

Illegal immigrants are criminals period.

You do not reward criminals.

I am not sure why Democrats cannot process that fact.

Source: Daily Caller

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