Mayo Clinic Fires Hundreds of Employees for Not Bending the Knee to Deep State

Mayo Clinic collectively has 73,000 employees over three states so this is only about 1% of their entire workforce. But in a nursing shortage, it makes no sense to let anybody go. Are incoming vaccinated nurses knocking down Mayo’s door to work? You shoot yourself in the foot insisting on mandating something that not everybody chooses to do. People are told we must be “safe” when it’s not guaranteed.

The Mayo Clinic let a lot of people go

In an effort to remain “safe”, 700 people were shown the door for not being vaccinated by the facility’s deadline. The deadline was January 3 to either be vaccinated or obtain a religious exemption.

The major clinical operations are in Minnesota, Arizona and Jacksonville, FL. The majority of religious exemptions were approved in the Minnesota location where the loss took place.

One Mayo Clinic patient agreed

Rawan Farah thought all hospitals employees should be vaccinated. “Probably the most important people in the hospital should be vaccinated, nurses, staff, everyone, just because sick people coming in and that’s just putting them at a high risk.”

Veteran hospital workers, on the other hand, see it differently. Rick Aronow didn’t think this should be forced on people. “It’s totally ridiculous that these people work so hard are now being kicked to curb.” Medical professionals were heralded as heroes at first. Now if there isn’t compliance, they’re zeroes.

Another Mayo employee spoke up

Maureen Ammar is a long time nurse, having put in 43 years. Hospitals aren’t considering nationwide shortages. Hospital staff know enough to not come in if they’re sick. “I don’t think they should keep them out of work. I feel very strongly because the nurses know what they’re doing. If they’re sickly then they are not going to come to work.”

Action Jax reporter Alicia Tarancon spoke with a spokesperson from the Jacksonville location. Nobody there has been let go yet. “Florida staff who are not in compliance with our vaccination program remain employed pending the outcome of litigation related to the centers for Medicare & Medicaid services requirements.”

The Mayo Clinic is focused on safety

They don’t want to be letting people go but safety is their first concern. Farah liked that, saying, “Yeah definitely, and I’ve always trusted my doctors there and yeah it makes me, like really appreciate the hospital and doctors that I see there now.”

The federal government and Florida don’t see eye to eye on the mandate. Several cases are working their way through the courts currently.

Mayo isn’t the only one

UF Health hasn’t fired anybody. Their policy is you need to show proof of vaccination or wear an N95 mask. Regardless of vaccination status, you still need to wear a mask.

Ascension St. Vincent’s is listening to the state’s vaccine policy. Those who were suspended have been invited back. Flagler Health+ may be stretched too thin. They aren’t following a mandate. If they have to, all appropriate exemptions will be allowed.

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