Antifa Cry Baby Sheds Crocodile Tears Over Being Beaten and Arrested

The Huffington Post has published a piece written by a self-described antifa protester in which the author describes his time in prison. David Campbell denies any wrongdoing of course but according to the New York Post he assaulted a 56 year-old man early in 2018 as part of an antifa attack on attendees leaving an event organized by Mike Cernovich in Manhattan. Campbell claims that he was unfairly targeted and beaten by police.

Antifa nerd goes to prison

The antifa member identifies himself as a former political prisoner and a martyr for the anti-fascist cause; he received 18 months in Rikers for the assault.

Campbell claims that he was fearful of how he might be treated in prison as a college educated white man. According to his own account it all turned out perfectly fine.

The somewhat pitiful article indicates that the antifa member genuinely believes that he became a respected leader within the prison community for sharing his political views.

The stories are all somewhat hard to believe. When Campbell describes having to keep his mouth shut while hearing derogatory remarks about “queer folx” we can safely assume that this is how most of his time in prison went.

With each tale of hardened prisoners telling Campbell about how smart he is or being won over to the anti-Trump cause, the entire narrative begins to seem more and more like a fantasy which the self-described nerd daydreamed about during his 18 months.

It isn’t impossible that the population of Rikers Island as a whole turned out to be eager to shake the antifa protester’s hand and compliment his intelligence; it’s just a bit unlikely.

Alleged prison hero David Campbell

A fertile imagination

Ironically, the communist sympathizer was deeply disturbed by the loss of personal privacy and autonomy which followed his arrival.

Even the guards, according to Campbell, spoke reverently about the antifa prisoner or took him aside to inform him that he was a hero.

Campbell is not a good writer and he has no grasp on the concept of subtlety; each paragraph begins to sound more fictitious than the last as the antifa hero fails to restrain his delusions of grandeur.

He is apparently writing a book about his experiences in prison and, if this article is anything to go by, that book will be full of invented stories about Trump supporters coming to the light and being cowed into submission by a fragile looking Marxist.

One would assume that David Campbell did not get such polite and understanding responses to his attempts to condemn rhetoric which was aimed against “queer folx” and women in a prison environment.

More likely, this antifa hero did not do this at all. It is hard to imagine that David Campbell really did anything in Rikers other than crying himself to sleep and fantasizing about being asked by prisoners to lecture on the finer points of anti-fascist doctrine.

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