Chuck Schumer Gets His Feelings Hurt By Big Bad Mr. President


Quit whining, Senator Schumer. The only way you’d be happy with the progress President Trump is making is if he was a Democrat. Otherwise, nothing is good enough. He wasn’t hired to be liked or be nice.

He has a job to do so move it or park it but get out of the way! Regardless how, where or why this virus started, President Trump has a country he believes in that needs to be taken care of. Feelings will only get in the way, action is necessary.

Schumer sabotaging during war.

Schumer’s base wasn’t seeing him push back enough, regardless that American lives are at stake. Private enterprise, local and state government is far more willing to work with the President to help with this, help get the nation back to normal as quickly as possible.

We’re pushing up against enough, Senator. We’re up against an invisible enemy in a war. We need adults working on this and if you’re feelings are going to be hurt over being publicly scolded, you need to go to your safe space.

Schumer was informed of the very capable senior military officer that’s working non stop and is very well respected by everybody. But your PR team thought you should push for somebody else instead.

Somebody else who you could blame later as Trump making a bad choice and costing lives, right? If the singular reason you get out of bed each day wasn’t to destroy Trump, the possibility of another choice might be considered. There’s no reason to name a czar. Obama’s gone and the constitution doesn’t even allow for that.

New York is a tough state. Give them what they need, they’ll get it done.

Both men are from New York, a state that’s notorious for not taking any prisoners in a fight. Fur will fly. If people turn on the news to see a battle, the media should be having a field day.

Trump has already given New York plenty to work with, opening flood gates to get items and people where they need to be as fast as possible. You could have been better prepared but you spent time on Impeachment that you knew would go nowhere.

Senator Schumer, you know as well as the President does that the federal government is just a back up for the state. New York is your responsibility.

We’ve been working with your state and city governments. Governor Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill De Blasio have stepped up to the plate.

All we’ve heard out of Senator Schumer is his mouth. It seems there’s a personality conflict in the workplace. That often happens, but you still need to work together to get things done – or step down.

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